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    About Manchester

    photo of manchester city

    Manchester is the seventh most populous city in England and is the second most visited by foreign visitors (after London). Manchester expanded quickly during the 19th century because of a boom in the textile industry which coincided with the Industrial Revolution. This expansion earned Manchester the title of the world’s first industrialised city.

    Manchester is also a city of many firsts – the site of the world’s first railway station; the city to host the first meeting of the Trade Union Congress, the site where scientists first split the atom to name but a few. The city also contains the world’s oldest free public library in the UK, Chetham’s Library, which opened in 1653 and remains open today.

    Manchester offers something for everyone. It displays a variety of architectural styles, ranging from Victorian to contemporary architecture but it is the widespread use of red brick that characterises the city. The award winning Heaton Park offers 610 acres to greenery to enjoy and relax in. The city also has plenty of art galleries, museums and theatres that present a huge variety of topics to appreciate and learn about. Muscially, the city caters for many genres – its main pop venue being the large MEN arena, situated just next door to Victoria station. The Trafford Centre offers a great shopping and entertainment experience to consumers, and houses the UK’s busiest cinema which attracts 28,500 visitors on average per week.

    The city has great transport links with its airport being the busiest airport outside London. It is easily accessible by car, train, bus and has its own inter city light rail tram system, the Manchester Metrolink which opened in 1992.

    Manchester has a great sporting culture; hosting the 2002 Commonwealth Games which were deemed a great success. However Manchester is perhaps best know for its footballing excellence. Manchester City is the richest football club in the world. Manchester United is the only club football ground to have hosted the UEFA Championship Final in 2003 and the club that has won the Premier League than any other club. They also boast the widest football fan base in the world.

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