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    About California City

    of California City City-Data.com v t e Municipalities and communities of Kern County, California, United States County seat: Bakersfield Cities Arvin Bakersfield California City Delano Maricopa McFarland Ridgecrest Shafter Taft Tehachapi Wasco CDPs Bear Valley Springs Bodfish Boron Buttonwillow Cherokee Strip China Lake Acres Derby Acres Dustin Acres Edmundson Acres Edwards Air Force Base Fellows Ford City Frazier Park Fuller Acres Golden Hills Greenacres Greenfield Inyokern Johannesburg Keene Kernville Lake Isabella Lake of the Woods Lamont Lebec Lost Hills McKittrick Mettler Mexican Colony Mojave Mountain Mesa North Edwards Oildale Onyx Pine Mountain Club Randsburg Rosamond Rosedale Smith Corner South Taft Squirrel Mountain Valley Stallion Springs Taft Heights Tupman Valley Acres Weedpatch Weldon Wofford Heights Unincorporated communities Actis Aerial Acres Alameda Algoso Alta Sierra Annette Ansel Armistead Baker Bannister Bealville Bena Bissell Blackwells Corner Bowerbank Bradys Brown Burton Mill Cable Calders Corner Calico Caliente Cameron Camp Owens Canebrake Cantil Cawelo Ceneda Chaffee China Lake Cinco Claraville Conner Crome Desert Lake Di Giorgio Dow East Bakersfield Edison Edwards El Rita Elmo Famoso Fig Orchard Five Points Fleta Fruitvale Glennville Goler Heights Gosford Grapevine Gulf Gypsite Halfway House Harpertown Harts Place Havilah Hazelton Hights Corner Hollis Ilmon Indian Wells Jasmin Jastro Kayandee Kecks Corner Kern Lake Kernell Keyesville Kilowatt Lackey Place Lakeview Landco Lerdo Lokern Lonsmith Loraine Magunden Maltha Manolith Marcel Mayfair Meridian Midoil Millersville Millux Minter Village Miracle Hot Springs Missouri Triangle Mitchells Corner Monolith Moreland Mill Myricks Corner Neufeld North Belridge North Shafter Oil City Oil Junction Old Garlock Old River Old Town Palmo Panama Patch Pentland Pettit Place Pinon Pines Estates Pond Prospero Pumpkin Center Quality Rancho Seco Rand Reward Ribier Ricardo Rich Rio Bravo Riverkern Rowen Saco Sageland Saltdale San Emidio Sanborn Sand Canyon Searles Seguro Semitropic Shirley Meadows Silt Slater South Lake Spellacy Spicer City Stevens Summit Thomas Lane Twin Lakes Twin Oaks Una Venola Vinland Walker Basin Wallace Center Walong Wheeler Ridge Wible Orchard Willow Springs Woodford Woody Zentner Former settlements 18 Mile House Allard Amalie Artwell Asphalto Barnes Settlement Benita Big Blue Mill Borel Burkeville Cabernet Cambio Canebrake Canfield Chanz Clarkson Code Craft Cuttens Desert Spring Domino Eaires Eric Fluhr Fram Gamba Garlock Girard Glenburn Gold Town Greenwich Gyle Indian Springs Inmans Isabella Joe Walker Town Joyfull Kern River Slough Kernvale Kernville Kyan La Rose Langdon Lavers' Crossing Leliter Leonards Levee Levee Spur Little Dixie Martendale Midway Miramonte Monterio Moseman Muroc Nadeau Neil Neuralia Nome North Muroc Olig Packwood Page Paloma Parsons Petersburg Petro Pine Piute Proctor Progress Pylema Quartzburg Redrock Reefer City Reservoir Rio Bravo Riverview Rock Springs Rogersville Sage San Miguel de los Noches Sand Cut Scovern Hot Springs Sedwell Shady Rest Shale Shamrock Smyrna Solon Sorrell's Strader Strand Sullivan Summers Sunset Teagle Tehichipa Tejon Terese Terese Siding Toolwass Trescape Treves Una Siding Unadilla Vaccaro Vaughn Vernette Warren (Fellows) Warren (Mojave) Water Station West Baker Winter Garden
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